Willow scratcher guide


Some points to note:


Setting up the Willow scratcher

1. The Willow scratcher works best when it is fitted snugly against a corner of a furniture or a wall.

2. Depending on the floor surface and whether the Willow scratcher will be placed against a piece of furniture or the wall, as well as the level of activity of your cat(s), you may wish to secure the Willow scratcher to the floor or the furniture. Four sets of velcro pads are included for that purpose.

3. Please note that if used on painted surfaces for long periods of time, the adhesive on the back of the velcro pads may get attached to the paint and cause peeling when removed.

4. Alternatively, we find the following sticky pads from Daiso to be a cheap and good way to further secure your Willow scratcher. 


Care, cleaning and hygiene

1. Wipe down the wooden with a damp cloth from time to time to remove any dust or fur. As the wooden stand is made from solid wood, it can also be polished and moisturised with a dab of cooking oil and rubbed in with a kitchen towel.

2. The jute mat cannot be washed, but can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth if necessary.

3. The jute mat can be replaced when worn, and we will be stocking the replacement mats soon! This makes the Willow scratcher sustainable and cost-effective! You'll be able to use it for a long time to come!


How-to video

Put together your Willow scratcher in a jiffy!