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Scratcher refill plate for Sugarcube hideaway house

Scratcher refill plate for Sugarcube hideaway house

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Scratcher plate refill for Zoodiy’s Sugarcube Hideaway House.

Extend the life of the Sugarcube Hideaway House: The scratcher plate refill replaces any damaged scratcher plates in the Sugarcube Hideaway House. The scratcher plate refill can replace the scratcher situated on the top of the House, as well as the base plate of the House.

Environmentally and cost friendly: Simply replace the used scratcher plate with the refill and the House will be good as new!

Sold individually.



Materials: Coated waterproof cardboard and plastic fasteners.

Dimensions: 36cm (width) x 47.5cm (length)

Care: The exterior of the House is waterproof and stain-resistant. Nonetheless, the House should be placed in dry conditions and not be exposed to wet conditions, in particular, the interior. If exposed to wet conditions, the cardboard should be dried as soon as possible. Any stains can be removed with an eraser or a damp cloth. As the House is made of cardboard, sharp objects and excessive force may cause damage to the structure.

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