Graphite bed guide


Some points to note:


Setting up the assembled Graphite bed

1. The Graphite bed's suction cups can only be attached to glass or mirror surfaces.

2. Attach the Graphite bed only to indoor areas.

3. Clean the surfaces before attaching the Graphite bed.

4. If necessary, moisten each suction cup with a little bit of water before attaching.



1. The Graphite bed, once assembled, can be used as it is. However, you can also throw on your cat's favourite blanket to make it cosier on cooler days or nights.

2. You may want to guide your cat(s) onto the Graphite bed for the first few times - they should get the hang of it really quickly.

3. If using for kittens, keep the Graphite bed close to the ground to start.

4. Once in use, check on the suction cups from time to time to ensure that they are securely attached to the glass or mirror surface. 


Cleaning and hygiene

1. Wipe down the bed with a damp cloth from time to time to remove any dust or fur.


How-to video

Put together your Graphite bed in a jiffy!