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Cherry blossoms teaser

Cherry blossoms teaser

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Another well-designed elegant piece from Wetnose (KR).

Irresistible wand toy: A teaser with woven cherry blossoms and cherries that bounce enticingly – your cat will not be able to resist pouncing after it. Cats will come running at the tinkling sound of the bell, all ready to chase after the scattering flowers and cherries.

Perfect for cat and human: In a fishing-rod style with a long 50cm line that swishes around, it makes playtime easy for humans and fun for cats. Cats will love biting and pulling at the cherry blossoms. Humans will love the beautiful design that will remind them of springtime in Korea.

Lightweight, sturdy and comfortable: The handle is made of birch that is wrapped with soft wool yarn.

All-natural materials: Handmade in Korea with pure New Zealand sheep wool, wool yarn and wood.

Note: Teaser wands and feather toys playtime should be supervised. Always be careful not to let your cat swallow toys such as strings, feathers, and bells. They should be kept away safely after play, which will also keep cats interested in the toys for a long time to come.



Materials: Sheep wool, birch, metal bell, wool yarn and leather.


   Stick – 45cm (length)

   Cherry blossoms and cherries – 0.8cm (diameter)

   String – 50cm

Care: Not washable. Spot clean any stains with a damp cloth.

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