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Batard cat tunnel

Batard cat tunnel

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Durable and industrial chic tunnel from Gottagohome (KR) for cats to zoom through, hide away and play in.

A virtually indestructible tunnel playground: Made of Tyvek®, a patented material that looks and crinkles like paper, but is water-resistant and durable like leather. It will withstand all of the zoomies, chewing and pouncing. The tunnel structure is sturdy and flexible, and will spring back into its original shape no matter how it’s trampled upon or squashed.

Adds variety to playtime: Cats love hide-and-seek, and the Batard cat tunnel spices up regular playtime. Play with your cat by dangling a teaser wand at one end, or throwing a toy through the tunnel, and watch them pounce away.

Water-resistant and durable: The coated Tyvek® material is water, dust, bugs and stain resistant, and any mess can be easily wiped off with a wet cloth.

Simple and industrial design: The simple but timeless design will fit any modern home or interior décor.

Customisable: Two or more Batard cat tunnels can be joined together to create a longer maze.

Sustainable: Made of fully recyclable material.




Materials: Tyvek® material and linen.

Dimensions: 29cm (diameter) x 48cm (length) when fully extended. 

Care: Not washable. Wipe with a damp cloth to remove any dirt and messes.

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