Our environmental policy

Our environmental policy

Ume’s Stash believes that taking care of the environment is every human and cat's responsibility and is thus committed to reducing its delivery carbon footprint as much as possible.

 As far as possible, we aim to reduce our use of plastic and general packaging waste.

Ume’s Stash is committed to using only eco-friendly and sustainable packaging and delivery options (with the exception of fully-assembled items – see below). For products that come in sturdy original packaging, they will be wrapped in biodegradable wrapping for delivery.

Cat hack! All of our boxes can also be upcycled and repurposed as snuggle boxes or playgrounds for your cats. Cut some holes in the boxes, and it’ll be a source of endless fun for your cats.

With regard to our products that are delivered fully-assembled in Singapore, depending on weather conditions, waterproof wrapping may be required to ensure the integrity and good condition of the products.