About Ume and her Stash

Meet Ume (‘plum’ in Japanese, pronounced ooh-may): a mischievous, affectionate Russian Blue with insatiable energy and strong opinions. She can’t get enough of new toys and high places. 

Meet Wan Jun: Ume’s human. She wants to give Ume all she desires, but she also treasures a modern, tasteful aesthetic in their shared home. It was also important to her to find toys and products that suited Ume's feline needs and quirks.

That’s how the idea for Ume’s Stash came about. To give Ume the best, Wan Jun embarked on a search across the globe for contemporary, stylish cat lifestyle products that would satisfy both Ume and her human. After years of testing (and many, many, many abandoned toys), each item in Ume’s Stash has been tested and approved by Ume herself.

They’re proud to present their labor of love: a curated selection of lifestyle products for sophisticated cats and their discerning humans in modern homes.

They hope that Ume’s Stash will bring the same joy to you and your cat’s lives.

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Ume’s adventures and testing of new items for her Stash are also at @ume.the.mau!