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Scratcher sheet refill for sugarcube hideaway house

Scratcher sheet refill for sugarcube hideaway house

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Scratcher top sheet refill for Zoodiy’s Sugarcube Hideaway House.

Extend the life of the Sugarcube Hideaway House: The corrugated scratcher sheet refill replaces used scratcher sheets in the Sugarcube Hideaway House. The scratcher sheet on the scratcher plates, located on the top and base of the House, can be easily removed and replaced.

Environmentally and cost friendly: Simply replace the used scratcher sheet with the refill and the House will be good as new!

Comes in a set of 5 sheets.



Materials: Corrugated cardboard.

Dimensions: 32cm (width) x 40cm (length)

Care: The scratch sheet is not waterproof and should not be exposed to wet conditions.  

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