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Roly-poly puzzle toy

Roly-poly puzzle toy

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Enrich, entertain and reward your cats with this adorable puzzle toy that dispenses treats.

Entertain your cats when you’re away or busy with little surprises: We love leaving the Roly-poly puzzle toy out to drop little treats into anytime during the day to entertain our cats. For cats with separation anxiety, this can help create a positive association for when you’re leaving the house!

Mental and physical enrichment: Cats will have to figure out how to shake, rock and nudge the Roly-poly puzzle toy to dispense the treats inside. Enrichment, mental stimulation and fun for your cats all in one simple toy.

Adjustable: The treat opening can be adjusted to accommodate different-sized treats and to increase or lower the difficulty level.

Adorable and innovative design: The simple but innovative designs makes it easy to play with, but the adjustable treat opening allows you to make it more challenging when needed. The top of the toy also has spring components, which helps provides visual and audio enticements! 

Small and unobtrusive



Materials: Plastic and metal.

Dimensions: 15cm (height) x 10cm (diameter)

Care: Only the base part is washable. Wipe all parts down with a damp cloth regularly.

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