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Nimbus litter box

Nimbus litter box

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A discreet but brilliantly-designed litter box that you will love to have in your house.

Extra large size: A whopping 90L capacity, with a height and depth of 50cm, our Nimbus litter box is perfect for even the chonkiest cats (up to 15kg). The step inside of the litter box can be removed for even more space.

Prevents litter from scattering: The Nimbus litter box comes with an internal litter-catching 18cm-deep step that catches any litter on your cat’s paws as they step out of the litter box. The step also has a raised threshold that prevents litter from scattering outside of the box.

Leak-proof: There are no gaps in the body of the litter box, which prevents any messes, liquids, litter or odours from leaking out.

Clever and convenient design: Drawer design (with wheels at the bottom) makes scooping, cleaning and replacement of litter a breeze. Litter box also comes with a scoop and hook.

No smells: Enclosed litter box prevents any unpleasant smells. Litter box has an internal shelf at the top where a deodorizing sachet could be placed.

Swinging door can be easily removed: Depending on your cat’s preference, the entrance door can be easily removed.

Easy to clean: The Nimbus litter box can be easily disassembled and all parts can be washed. The interior is also designed with no nooks and crannies, which prevents dirt and germs from accumulating, and can be easily cleaned as well.

Sleek modern design: Like the Apple of litter boxes - we are just obsessed with the smooth curved edges and matte finish.  



Materials: Plastic.


Litter box: 50.5cm (length) x 43.5cm (width) x 50.5cm (height)

Litter drawer: 50.5cm (length) x 50.5cm (width) x 12cm (depth)

Care: Throw out all litter monthly and wash with detergent in warm soapy water. Cats can be sensitive to smells, so unscented detergent is always the best.


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