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Little Prairie House

Little Prairie House

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An organic and chic house from Gottagohome (KR) that satisfies cats’ needs and still perfect for the balmy Singapore weather. 

Breezy and spacious house: Made of a wooden frame with organic linen curtains and a mat, the Prairie house satisfies your cats’ desire to hide and snuggle, while keeping them cool during warm days.

Doubles as a playground: The curtains together with the sturdy wooden frame allows for cats to duck in and out, just like a playground.

Scandinavian organic design: With its chic linen curtains and light wood frame, it’s an elegant piece of cat furniture, perfect for the modern home.


Materials: Wood, linen and cotton.

Dimensions: 30cm (diameter) x 50cm (length)

Care: Wash fabric curtains in cold water. Do not tumble dry. Wipe wooden frame with a damp cloth to remove any dirt and messes.

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