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Bamboo ultra-long cat teaser

Bamboo ultra-long cat teaser

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Ultra-long cat teaser wand: With a 1.2m wand and a 50cm feather attachment, the Bamboo cat teaser is almost 1.7m long! This ultra-long cat teaser allows you to reach the tallest cat trees or playgrounds, even from the comfort of your couch.

Irresistible: With a flexible and springy wand that causes the feathers to swish and flutter enticingly, this cat teaser will get your cat chasing and pouncing all night long.

Enticing matabi stick core: The feather attachment comes with a matabi stick core. The matabi scent together with the quavering feather will get your cat(s) prowling in no time. Suitable for chewing as well.

Changeable attachment toys: Changeable attachment allows you to keep using this teaser wand for a long time. Environmentally-friendly, sustainable and keeps your cat(s) happy. 

Sturdy and comfortable: Ergonomic foam handle with a durable wand – the Bamboo cat teaser is great for both human and cat, and will last a long time!

Feather toy: Comes with one natural bird feather attachment toys. Other feather designs are available.

Note: Teaser wands and feather toys playtime should be supervised. They should be kept away safely after play, which will also keep cats interested in the toys for a long time to come.



Materials: Foam handle, metal, matabi stick and natural bird feather.


Wand:  120cm

Feather attachment: 50cm

Care: Not washable. Spot clean any stains with a damp cloth.

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