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Yayoi food bowl (Autumn red / Winter blue)

Yayoi food bowl (Autumn red / Winter blue)

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Elevated: A safe and comfortable height for cats to eat without reaching or bending over. This also reduces regurgitation in older cats.

Angled wide bowl: The angled wide bowl makes it easier for cats to get every last morsel in the bowl without stressing their whiskers out with overstimulation. No black chins either.

Weighted: No toppling over or moving around.

Hygenic: Made of non-porous ceramic that is easily cleaned with no crevices for bacteria and smells to linger in.

Bright bold design: A piece of contemporary art for your home.

Suitable for dogs as well!

Also available as part of our Yayoi kit!



Materials: Glazed ceramic

Dimensions: 16.5cm (length) x 16.5cm (width) x 14cm (height)

Care: Handwash with warm soapy water. Cats can be sensitive to smells, so using unscented detergent for their things is always the best.

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