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Cloud bowl (Cloud white / cherry blossom pink / marimo green)

Cloud bowl (Cloud white / cherry blossom pink / marimo green)

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Elevated wide bowl: A safe and comfortable height for cats to eat or drink without reaching or bending over. This also reduces regurgitation in older cats. Wide with high sides makes it easier for cats to get every last morsel in the bowl without stressing their whiskers out with overstimulation.

Separate stand: The bowl can be separated from the stand for for easy washing and food preparation.

Solid wood stand: No toppling over or moving around.

Hygienic: Made of non-porous ceramic that is easily cleaned with no crevices for bacteria and smells to linger in.  

Elegant minimalist design: Goes perfectly with any modern home.

Goes perfectly with the Cloud mat and Cloud water fountain!

And also available as part of our Cloud kit and Cherry blossoms kit!

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Materials: Glazed ceramic and wood.


   Wooden stand - 17.4cm (diameter)

   Bowl – 15cm (diameter) x 5cm (depth)

   Stand and bowl – 11.5cm (height)

Care: Wash bowl in diswhwasher, or handwash with warm soapy water. Cats can be sensitive to smells, so using unscented detergent for their things is always the best.

Wipe down wooden stand with a damp cloth if dirty.

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