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Baobab cat tree

Baobab cat tree

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Another clean, elegant and thoughtfully-designed all-in-one cat tree from Limolimo.

Space saving all-in-one playground: Tall cat tree with three different levels for cats to jump around, play, scratch and nap. All-in one playground with a scratching post, ramp to climb, dangly rabit fur balls and multiple resting piers. Wide platforms that are perfect for larger cats or multiple cats to lounge on. The Baobab cat tree will provide entertainment for hours.

Tall scratching post: The Baobab tree has a 1.36m tall jute rope scratching post at an incline. It provides ample space for your cat(s) to sharpen their nails on and climb.

Safe and sturdy: Made of pine wood and with a large base, the tree is stable and sturdy even with multiple cats jumping around on it. Anti-slip bouclé pads cover each platform, making it safe for your cats and protecting the wood from scratches. Made with only natural materials that can be easily wiped down, the tree will be a safe and dependable home for your cat(s).

Suitable for all weathers: Open and breezy on all levels, it is perfect for warm days and nights.

Modern aesthetic: The Baobab cat tree is a elegant and versatile piece of furniture that will be a great addition to any modern home.


Delivery and assembly

For Singapore deliveries: We are pleased to offer a free assembly service for larger pieces. The Cypress cat tree will be delivered fully assembled for all deliveries to Singapore addresses. Please let us know if your address is a walk-up with stairs. 

For deliveries to other countries: Tree will be delivered unassembled for deliveries with assembly instructions. Assembly requires at least two persons. All required tools are included.



Materials: Pine wood, jute rope, metal, bouclé fabric, leather and rabbit fur.


Entire tree: 136cm (height) x 70cm (length) x 55cm (width)

Base: 58cm (length) x 55cm (width)

As the Baobab tree is made from real pine wood, it weighs a total of 18kg.

Care: Wipe down wood and plastic with a damp cloth. Spot clean any stains on the bouclé mat and rabbit fur ball with a damp cloth. All of the bouclé mats and rabbit fur balls are replaceable.

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