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Phoenix feathers (wand attachment)

Phoenix feathers (wand attachment)

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Changeable teaser attachment toy: Replacement or alternative feather attachments for your birch wand – revives your birch wand and also keeps your cats from getting bored. Saves you from having to buy multiple toys – environmentally friendly, sustainable and saves money!

Feathers: Real bird feathers that swish realistically will trigger any cat’s predatory instincts.

Set of two assorted feather attachments. Size and colours vary as the attachments are made of real bird feathers.

Note: Teaser wands and feather toys playtime should be supervised. Always be careful not to let your cat swallow toys such as strings, fur, and bells. They should be kept away safely after play, which will also keep cats interested in the toys for a long time to come.



Materials: Real bird feathers

Dimensions: 5 to 10cm (length)

Care: Not washable. Spot clean any stains with a damp cloth.

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