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Graphite hammock bed

Graphite hammock bed

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Favourite spot for cats: Minimalist hanging bed for sunbathing by the window and watching the world go by.  Set it up on a window that catches the sun rays or where birds gather, and you won’t have to worry about buying another bed that your cat won’t use.

Perfect for when it is hot or cool: The sturdy mesh bed is breathable – perfect for balmy tropical weather or hot summer days. And just throw on a blanket for those cooler nights.

Sturdy and safe: Well-constructed with scratch-resistant and durable material, a solid wood frame, and a reinforced four-point support system.

Wide and spacious: Sufficient space for the chonkiest cat or even two cats up to 18 kg.

Easy to assemble: Bed can be easily assembled by one person with provided hex key. Instructive assembly video is also provided.

Minimalist design that will suit any modern home: Simple yet functional, the bed also folds up against the window when not in use. Comes in a chic heather grey.



Materials: Felt, wood, rubber suction cups, mesh and metal screws

Dimensions: 55cm (length) x 40cm (width) x 50cm (height)

Care: Not washable. Remove fur or dirt with a brush and spot clean any stains with a damp cloth.

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